3 String Mountain Meadow Grass Bales

This second cutting of 2023 Mountain Grass Hay is overall really good horse hay, and if it is being fed to working horses, some additional protein and energy to accommodate desired body condition could be achieved simply by a complete supplement such as Symphony.

Full service delivered and stacked!

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Lab tested hay redding

Why we lab test grass hay

Lab testing grass hay is a crucial practice to ensure the nutritional quality and safety of the forage being provided to animals. Through laboratory analysis,

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Mountain Hay vs Valley Hay

Mountain hay and valley hay differ primarily in their growing environments and resulting nutritional qualities. Mountain hay is harvested from higher elevations areas in norther

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Horse hay Redding

What makes good horse hay

Good horse hay is characterized by several essential qualities that cater to the specific dietary needs and well-being of horses. Firstly, it must be clean

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